To help you create your app faster, we provide two types of templates:

  • Widgets
  • Full Apps


This type of template can be seen as bigger components that you can embed on an existing application, like:

  • Hero section
  • Header
  • Footer

Templates Button

You include a widget by clicking on the "Templates" button on the left sidebar and dragging the selected widget to the canvas. You will see a new set of components in your layer tree. After that, you can customize it to best represent your application's identity.

Widgets Drawer

Full Appst

Full apps usually are a set of pages and custom components already packaged, like blogs with integration with Notion or a complete e-commerce website.

To import these templates, you need to click on the "Templates" button and select the application you wish to use. You might need to set some configurations if the app demands.

Templates Drawer

This is a critical operation and should be done with caution since some pages and components might get overwritten during this process.