Data Componentt

The Data component is used for requesting dynamic content from an API. This information will be available to all of it's child components through databinding or the object.


URLtextURL of the API
MethodselectHTTP request method: GET or POST
HeaderscodeHTTP request headers
BodycodeHTTP request body if method is POST
ProxycheckboxIf checked, the HTTP request will be made by our server. Useful for avoiding CORS errors
Refresh IntervaltextInterval in which the request should be remade. Useful for pooling data and always displaying the most recent information
Data Transformationcodecode to manipulate the information returned by the API

Exported Propertiest

dataLoadingbooleanBoolean indicating if the data has already been loaded or not
dataErrorObjectError message when the HTTP request was not completed with success
dataRefreshfunctionuse this function when you want to refresh the current HTTP request