Loop Componentt

The Loop component should be used when you would like to repeat the same child component. It is really powerfull when combined with the Data component.


Itemsdata bindinglist of items to repeat
Key Propertydata bindingkey property, usually the id of the item


Let's use the pokemon API to create a list of the first generation of pokemons. First, add a Data component to your page with the URL property set to:


If you check the result in the network tab, you will see that something like this:

    "count": 1126,
    "next": "https://pokeapi.co/api/v2/pokemon?offset=150&limit=150",
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "name": "bulbasaur",
            "url": "https://pokeapi.co/api/v2/pokemon/1/"
            "name": "ivysaur",
            "url": "https://pokeapi.co/api/v2/pokemon/2/"

The goal is to display the results on the page, and to do , you will need the Loop component. Add one as the child of the Data with the following properties:

Key Propertyname

And add a Text element as a child to the Loop. If you open the data binding window to the text property, you will see that the data object has changed to reflect the result of the Loop. Now, instead of the full list of pokemons, you get each item of the list. If you use these properties, you will finally see the list on the page.