Config Variablest

Often you will need to store a configuration value that will be used in multiple pages of your project, like:

  • API Tokens
  • Contact email


To avoid duplication by hardcoding those values when needed, you can create a Config Variable (Environment Variable) by clicking on the button on the left sidebar and starting a new variable. It should have the following properties:

  • key
  • label
  • type
  • value
  • description

After creating, those variables will be available in Data Binding fields, at config.KEY or on code at props.config.KEY.

Important: these variables are available to the browser and are public. Do not store server secrets in Config Variables

Different Environmentst

If your project has GitHub Sync activated, you can create custom config variables for each branch you are working on. By default, every new branch will use the main config, but you can edit/create them.

Scribo will copy the variables from main to this new branch environment if you choose to edit.