Zapier Triggert

Invite Only please contact our team to help you set up this integration

Scribo provides a native integration with Zapier. With it you can trigger a zap on, for example, a form submition or a button click. To configure this integration you will need to:

  1. Add the Scribo integration as a Zap Trigger
  2. Generate an API Key on Scribo
  3. Copy the webhook provided by Zapier
  4. Use the Zapier action on a Scribo component

Scribo Triggert

Every Zap starts with a trigger. To start the integration just search for Scribo in the search bar.

Zapier New Trigger

After that you will need to select and event. In this case you need to select

User Action

Next you will need to authenticate.

Configure Autht

When you start with the authentication process, a popup like the bellow will appear.

Zapier Auth

The API Key can be generated at our Dashboard

New API Key

Use Actiont

After authenticating, Zapier will display a webhook URL that you need to copy.

Zapier Webhook

In your Scribo page, you can use, for example, a Form Component and add an Zapier action to the On Submit event, like shown bellow:

Zapier Action

The webhook URL copied on the last step is important here.