Properties Panelt

Properties Panel

When you select any component in the Layers Tree the properties panel will be revealed at the right sidebar. It can be separated into 4 sections:

  • Conditional Properties
  • Component Properties
  • Screen size and component state
  • Styles

Component Propertiest

Each component type has a set of properties. The Text component has the text prop, and a Link is not a link without an URL. All these properties are set in this section of the panel.


Here is where you will layout and style your component. This section is separated into eight parts:

  • Layout: define visibility, position, and how the element is displayed on the page
  • Size: width, height ...
  • Spacing: margins, paddings ...
  • Position: top, left, bottom, right
  • Background: background color and opacity
  • Typography: text size, weight, color...
  • Border: border-color, size...
  • Others

Screen size and component statet

All the styles can be overwritten by selecting a specific screen size.

  • Base
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large

or a component state like:

  • Hover
  • Focus

Conditional Propertiest

Conditional Props Code

Like the screen size overwrite functionality, there are some cases where you need to use different properties if a condition is satisfied. This is an advanced feature and requires some coding knowledge.

To create a condition, add a new one by clicking on the select field and typing the condition using the code editor.