Link Componentt

Links can point to internal pages hosted on Scribo or external URL.

Let's supose that you website has two pages:

  • /
  • /blog

To create a link to the blog page all you need to do is fill the Link property with the relative URL.

TextAccess our blog
Open in new tabfalse

It is not recomended to use the full URL in this case

Using relative URLs in the link property will help Scribo to optimize the user navigation experience. As soon as the link is hovered, the platform will automatically fetch the next page data in order to provide a real time navigation.

To create a link to an external website, just fill the link property with the full URL


TexttextText that will be displayed on the page
LinktextDestination URL
Open in new tabcheckboxIf the link should be oppened in a new tab or not